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Peregrine Entertainment is a comic book publishing company based in the Washington, DC, area. Formed in 1997, Peregrine publishes high quality, creator-owned properties that encompass such diverse genres as sword-and-sorcery, fantasy adventure, gothic horror, superhero, science fiction, and all-ages adventure.



David Napoliello founded Peregrine Entertainment in March 1997 as the vehicle for publishing his sword-and-sorcery, fantasy-adventure comic book series, Books of Lore. With the help of established comic book creators—such as Marvel and DC Comics veteran Scott Kolins and small press fan-favorite Dark One—as well as talented newcomers Bryan Heyboer, Jeff Reitz, and Kevin Tucker, Peregrine made a splash with the first issue of Books of Lore in September 1997. A second issue of Books of Lore followed later that year.

In 1998, Peregrine stretched its wings by publishing other creator-owned material, including Greg LaRocque's science-fiction super-hero series The Exiled and a special Christmas issue of the critically acclaimed Forty Winks by Vincent Sneed and John Peters. A new Books of Lore series (titled The Kaynin Gambit), which brought Legendlore artist Philip Xavier into the Peregrine family, debuted in the Fall. The Thanksgiving season also brought Peregrine's first color product, a 10-page story titled "What Price the Unicorn?" in Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #4.

In 1999, Peregrine expanded its line of creator-owned titles to focus on a variety of genres that appealed to a wide range of fans. These included the horror stories of Countess Vladimira and the science fiction of Digital Dragon. Forty Winks also continued with the addition of Billy Martinez as the artist on a three-part mini-series titled The Fabled Pirate Queen of the South China Seas. Meanwhile, Books of Lorestill guided by Napoliello, Tucker, and Xavierrolled along with the two-part Shape of Evil.

January 2000 marked the release of the 10th issue of Books of Lore. In total, four issues of Peregrine's fantasy-adventure series hit the stands in 2000 (Storyteller #1-3 and the one-shot, Shattered Lives) as it continued to be the company's most successful title. Later in the year, Peregrine debuted the addition of the all-around good fun and super-hero antics of Buzzboy, both in print and in a daily, online comic strip. Peregrine also continued the adventures of Pandora and the gang from Forty Winks with a crossover with Buzzboy and a new mini-series (Forty Winks: Mr. Horrible).

2001 marked the addition of James O'Barr to the Peregrine family. O'Barr, best known as the creator of The Crow, showed off his fondness for barbarians and other fantasy settings in his sketchbook, Savages. O'Barr and Dawn creator, Joseph Michael Linsner, also collaborated for the first time ever to lend a hand to the cover of Peregrine's annual charity benefit book, Independent Voices.

2002 was a relatively slow year, from a comics standpoint, for most of the creators from Peregrine as the focus shifted to various aspects of each individual's personal life. Kevin Tucker welcomed the birth of his first child...David Napoliello took on a new role for Uncle Sam...and several other creators dealt with relocating to new parts of the country.

Peregrine is dedicated to becoming the new home for quality creator-owned titles and maintaining the standard of excellence its readers have already come to expect.

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This page was last updated on June 27, 2003.