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  Lynx: An Elflord Tale
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The border kingdom of Sheng Chi lies decimated by a witch.

The eldest daughter of the King, Spydra, has turned toward dark magic and is making a play at conquering her father's land, while a heartbroken King sits ineffectively on the throne, grief-stricken by the betrayal of his own daughter.

Now Spydra, having strengthened her powers through unspeakable rituals, strikes out from her lair hidden deep within the murky swamp, intent on destroying her father's castle and her family.

As the realm teeters on the brink of destruction, a ray of hope appears in the form of the King's youngest daughter, Lynx. Donning a secret identity and penetrating the forbidden swamp to do battle with her evil sister and her followers, Lynx attempts to keep her homeland safe.

But can one succeed against the might of an entire legion?
  Lynx #1 Lynx: An Elflord Tale #1

Written and drawn by Barry Blair and Colin Chan.
Cover art by Barry Blair and Colin Chan

Barry Blair's Elflord saga comes to Peregrine! The kingdom of Sheng Chi is tormented by the dark ambition of the King's eldest daughter, Spydra. Paralyzed with grief at his child's betrayal, the King watches helplessly as his realm teeters on the brink of destruction. The last hope may be Spydra's younger sister, Lynx, who has taken on a secret identity to do battle with her evil sibling. But can a single warrior succeed against the might of the legions of darkness?

Released: March 1999.

32 pages; black and white interior; full-color cover.

Cover Price: $2.95 U.S.

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LYNX, ELFLORD, and all related characters are copyright and trademark ™ 2003 Barry Blair.
LYNX: AN ELFLORD TALE published by Peregrine Entertainment with permission.
All Rights Reserved.