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  Books of Lore
  The Story

Books of Lore is a sword-and-sorcery, fantasy-adventure comic book series which began in 1997 as an anthology series. Each of the first two issues—Special Editions #1 and #2—featured three self-contained short stories (which is to say that each story had a beginning and an ending and were independent of each other). Each short story was also illustrated by a different artist, ranging from established comic book creators such as Marvel and DC Comics veteran Scott Kolins and independent fan-favorite Dark One, to talented newcomers such as Bryan Heyboer and Jeff Reitz.

Several Books of Lore short stories have also appeared in other publications—such as Independent Voices #1, #2, and #3, Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #4, More Fund Comics, and the Small Press Expo 1997 Comic Book. These first two issues and multiple short stories were designed to establish the foundation of the fantasy realm from which future Books of Lore series, such as The Kaynin Gambit, would spring.

In November 1998, the anthology-style format was abandoned in favor of the more traditional format of a mini-series. The first mini-series, a five-issue story arc entitled Books of Lore: The Kaynin Gambit, introduced two half-elf characters—Gev and Gerrin—traveling in search of adventure. Gev and Gerrin part company at the end of the prelude issue and the rest of the series continues by following Gev to the city of Kaynin where he becomes embroiled in a merchant's war over control of the realm's most lucrative trade routes while struggling to find his missing half-sister, a thief named Jess.

In the Fall of 1999, the successful Kaynin Gambit mini-series was followed by a two-issue mini-series, entitled Books of Lore: Shape of Evil, that catches up with the disgruntled Gerrin. Having recently left Gev, Gerrin stumbles across a town possessed by terror after a series of mysterious and brutal slayings have sown fear and suspicion in the streets. Books of Lore: Shape of Evil actually began with a 10-page prelude, titled "Evil's Pawn," which appeared in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund benefit book, Independent Voices #2.

Books of Lore continued into the year 2000 with the launch of a three-issue mini-series, Storyteller, which began in January. Books of Lore: The Storyteller invited readers to sit down next to the hearth, draw a mug of their favorite libation, and let the most talented weaver of legends the realm has ever known, Portifer, speak of beasts both fearsome and magical, ladies both lovely and deadly, and rogues both brave-hearted and cursed as he narrates some of his favorite tales.

September 2000 saw the return of Gerrin in a special one-shot, Books of Lore: Shattered Lives, as the half-elf fighter found himself caught between sisters of light and darkness, forced to choose a path of either revenge or forgiveness.

But that was only the beginning!

Look for numerous specials and surprises in the days ahead!

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BOOKS OF LORE is copyright © and trademark ™ 2010 David Napoliello.
Published by Peregrine Entertainment with permission. All Rights Reserved.