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  Buzzboy Logo
  The Story
  Buzzboy is the story of a too-much TV watching, junk food eating super hero sidekick who never grew up.

Tommy Paine, a.k.a. Buzzboy, protects the citizens of New Paradise Metrogrove with the help of Becca, a young sorceress, and Doc Cyber, an ex-mad scientist that gave up being evil for baking (and eventually became a hero himself). Buzzboy's best friend, the super speedster, Zoomer, also makes his presence known in New Paradise, along with several other heroes ... and villains!

Buzzboy is the ultimate pop-culture hero, spouting off his favorite TV catch phrases as he pounds the baddies. Working from their not-so-secret headquarters, the Buzzboy Diner, the trio of BB, Becca, and Cyber make this an adventure you don't want to miss.

Buzzboy premiered in May 1998 as a four issue mini-series self-published by creator John Gallagher under the Sky Dog Press imprint.

But that was only the beginning!

Look for numerous specials and surprises to follow.

You can also follow the daily adventures of Buzzboy in his online strip at You can even sign up to have the daily strip e-mailed directly to you!
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BUZZBOY is copyright and trademark ™ 2003 John Gallagher.
Published by Peregrine Entertainment with permission. All Rights Reserved.