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  Forty Winks
  The Story

Forty Winks began in 1997 as a self-published project by creators Vincent Sneed and John Peters under the imprint of Odd Jobs, Limited.

Forty Winks: Pandora in the Big City, which debuted in September 1997, introduced the lovable ten-year old Pandora Spocks as she struggles against the ten-eyed monster living in her closest which plagues her dreams. With the help of Sam the Dreamguide, The Mysterious Penumbra, and the wacky lads of the Smith Street Gang, Pandora encounters life in the Big City. Together, Pandora and company vanquish the monster...or so they think.

After publishing four issues, Vince and John joined Peregrine Entertainment in 1998, bringing Pandora and the gang with them. Two Special Editions followed shortly thereafter in late 1998 and early 1999.

In the Forty Winks Christmas Special, we learn that for Ricky and Pandora Christmas serves as a stark reminder of the emptiness left by the death of a wife and mother. The story serves as a heartwarming tale of love, loss, and the ability to continue living.

By comparison, the Forty Winks TV Party Special serves up a dose of good, clean fun. As seen on's your favorite '60's TV shows, straight up with a twist! Join Pandora, The Mysterious Penumbra, Sam the Dreamguide, Spider, Snake, and Annabelle Wu for an off-kilter, surreal take on some of the TV generation's greatest icons. Three stories feature favorite characters with artwork by Reggie "Shuriken" Byers, Aaron "Mazy Devil" Bordner, and newcomer Kheang Kho.

In 1999, Forty Winks returned to a mini-series format with the three-part Forty Winks: The Fabled Pirate Queen of the South China Seas, which marked the addition of artist Billy Martinez to the Peregrine family. In this story, Annabelle Wu, the 11-year-old captain of the lacrosse team, spins for her English class a tale of adventure and intrigue set in the Far East of the Dreamscape, and Pandora Spocks can't help but listen...and wonder if she's found a kindered spirit.

In early 2000, Peregrine teamed Pandora with the company's other all-ages hero, Buzzboy! In the Forty Winks/Buzzboy Special, the citizens of New Paradise are frozen in a sleep-like state, so it's up to the "World's Most Upbeat Super Hero" to thaw them. Buzzboy leaps into the world of dreams and meets up with Forty Winks' own Dream Angel Pandora, comics newest 4-inch-tall kick-butt action girl! Together they battle an army of Halloween costume-clad kids - led by the mysterious monsters Wint and Kidd.

Pandora thought she had conquered the monster of the Dreamscape...but she was wrong. In the two-part Forty Winks: Mr. Horrible the monster returns! Matt Mason by day was a mild-mannered delivery truck driver. But when he slept, he became your worst nightmare: the spikey ten-eyed monster that roamed the Dreamscape, terrorizing dreamers with its sharp teeth and even sharper wit. Matt, in the process of reconstructing his life, thought he defeated this personal demon, but he found that it's not easy to stare down a beast with five times as many eyes!

New adventures still await Pandora and Annabelle!

In 2004, original series artist John Peters returns as he and Vince finally release the long-awaited Forty Winks: Bad Bishop. What begins as an attempt at a simple interview with a famous chess-playing child-prodigy becomes a fight for survival. Can Pandora and Annabelle learn to work together before they are trapped forever in this isolated pocket of the Dreamscape?

Stay tuned to find out!

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FORTY WINKS is copyright and trademark ™ 2003 Vincent Sneed and John Peters.
Published by Peregrine Entertainment with permission. All Rights Reserved.