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  Buzzboy Logo
  Buzz Bio #1 -- Buzzboy
  Buzz Bio #2 -- Becca
  Buzz Bio #3 -- Doc Cyber
  Buzz Bio #4 -- Zoomer
  Buzz Bio #5 -- NZ3
  Buzz Bio #6 -- Marz Grrl
NOTE: Buzzboy: Short Cuts is now available.
  Buzz Bio #7 -- Lord Ultra
  Buzz Bio #8 -- Princess
  Buzz Bio #9 -- Officer Bluestone
NOTE: Buzzboy: Short Cuts is now available.
  Buzz Bio #10 -- Big Ditty & Little Ditty
NOTE: The Forty Winks/Buzzboy Special is now available.
  Buzz Bio #11 -- Lady Araknid
NOTE: Buzzboy: Short Cuts is now available.
  For more information on these and other characters from the Buzzboy series, also check the "Buzzboy Characters" section of this website.
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