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  Buzzboy Logo
  The Characters
  Buzzboy BUZZBOY
REAL NAME: Tommy Paine, Adventurer
STATS: Tommy Paine was just 12 years old when he began his career as the sidekick to super hero Captain Ultra. Powered by the mysterious Buzzbelt, Buzzboy fought crime until Ultra turned bad and wiped his memory clean.

Years later, Buzzboy returned to fight Ultra for the freedom of New Paradise Metrogrove. In his success, Buzzboy has made a name for himself as an upbeat, too much TV watching, junk food eating super hero.

Teamed with Doc Cyber, Becca, and sometimes Zoomer, Buzzboy fights for truth, justice, and all you can eat at the Tastee Diner!
  Doc Cyber DOC CYBER
REAL NAME: Dr. James Bartholomew Cyber, MD, Ph.D., DDS
STATS: Doc Cyber was a ruthless super villain, battling Captain Ultra and Buzzboy with his mad scientist inventions. Then one day, this super genius got bored, and gave up being evil for baking!

When Ultra took over New Paradise, Cyber sought out Buzzboy, and teamed with him in battling Ultra. He is not only Buzzboy's weapons and tactics advisor, he's a good friend and fatherly mentor.

Although Doc has given up his criminal ways, he is often tempted to bend the rules of society. It is under dubious circumstances that he acquired Buzzboy's new Buzzbelt, a fact that may lead to problems for Buzzboy in the near future.
  Becca BECCA
REAL NAME: Becca Smith, High School Student
Becca Smith was born with the magical powers to bend reality in various ways, as well as the power of extra sensory perception. These powers have saved her, Buzzboy, and Doc Cyber numerous times.

Becca met Buzzboy when he dropped,quite literally, into her lap during a battle with Ultra's forces. They teamed up that night, and have been inseparable friends ever since.

Becca is the realist of the team, and often leads Buzzboy and Cyber to think out their actions before simply charging into a dangerous situation.
REAL NAME: Pandora Spocks
Dream Angel Pandora is a Guardian of Dreams, a job she takes very seriously. She is a fierce warrior, battling nightmares, spooks, and goblins inhabiting people's dreams in the dreamscape.

Dream Angel is actually a dream herself, created by the imaginings of the actual Pandora Spocks, a 10-year old girl who tried to imagine herself as a super hero.

She has bumped into Buzzboy in the land of Dreams more than once, but he never seems to remember her when he awakens.

Dream Angel Pandora © 2000 Vince Sneed & Aaron McClellan.
  Zoomer ZOOMER
REAL NAME: Dr. Carter DuBois, MD
Carter DuBois (doo-bwah) was, like Buzzboy, a teen sidekick. Given the power of super speed by the hero named XLR8, he fought for justice as Zoomer.

Zoomer also lost his memory as a teen, continued his schooling, and became a doctor.

Today he balances his time as a returned hero with his work as a family physician. He currently has taken on Becca as his protégée, teaching her the ropes of being a hero in these modern times.
  Leadfoot LEADFOOT
REAL NAME: Unknown
Leadfoot was a small time crook until he happened upon the boots of the Doc Stomper, a villain from the 1950's. Leadfoot took the boots, fashioned himself a costume, and began a reign of crime. Unfortunately for Leadfoot, he is constantly being thwarted by Buzzboy and his friends, usually in a very short time.
  Lord Ultra LORD ULTRA
REAL NAME: Unknown
Lord Ultra appeared in America in the late 1930's, fighting for the U.S. Government before settling down into a crime fighting career. The apparently ageless Ultra stood a model of greatness, and was practically worshiped by the general public.

Unknown to humanity, Ultra was a creature from another dimension, using his powers to test and experiment upon all the earth's creatures.

At one point Ultra erased the memories of earth's other heroes, and took up as dictator of New Paradise Metrogrove. It was at this time Buzzboy returned, leading to a battle over the streets of New Paradise. Buzzboy was triumphant, sending Ultra back to his dimension, seemingly forever.
  For more information on these and other characters from the Buzzboy series, also check the "Buzz-O-Pedia" section of this website.
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BUZZBOY and all related characters are copyright © and trademark ™ 2003 John Gallagher.
Published by Peregrine Entertainment with permission. All Rights Reserved.