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  Welcome to the Dark and Exotic World of Countess Vladimira!
Preview — Introduction
  Think you know something about Vampires?

Well, that's exactly what they want you to think.

They live among us, immensely old, immensely powerful and corrupt, scheming and planning...and feeding. And ruling them all is Dracula himself. All, that is, save for his rebellious daughter...

...Countess Vladimira.

Now, The Countess breaks the silence to reveal the truth of her life and her family...and the startling saga of the first and only true vampire, Vlad Tepes of the Clan Dracul, the Little Dragon Clan of Walachia.

Are you prepared?

The story of Countess Vladimira, as depicted in the Blood Relations mini-series, is told from the perspective of a storyline occuring in modern times.  However, as the story progresses, secrets about The Countess' past are told through flashbacks.

Due to the nature of this plot development, two artists were called upon to handle the chores of telling this story — Mike Lilly, for the modern timeline, and Philip Xavier for the flashback sequences.  The 6-page preview that follows shows samples of both artists' work.  The first three pages of the preview are drawn by Mike Lilly and are pages #1-3 of the first issue of the comic book.  Pages four through six of the preview are pages #9-11 of the comic, as drawn by Philip Xavier.  If it appears as though the story jumps a touch, that is because the pages are not shown in direct sequence.  We regret any confusion that this may cause but hope that the preview still gives you a flavor for the actual comic book.
    Enter the dark realm of Countess Vladimira!
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COUNTESS VLADIMIRA is copyright and trademark ™ 2003 Avery Misuraca.
COUNTESS VLADIMIRA: BLOOD RELATIONS published by Peregrine Entertainment with permission.
All Rights Reserved.